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15 Ways The United States is the Best (At Being the Worst)




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America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel

Source: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/07/america-country-favorable-view-israel.html

The U.S. Is the Only Country Which Supports Israel No Matter What It Does

Americans – living in a huge country which has never really been invaded, and as the sole superpower – are famous for being out-of-touch with how the rest of the world thinks.

So my fellow Americans will probably be surprised to learn that the U.S. is more or less the only country in the world which has a favorable view of Israel.

2013 BBC poll, of all countries polled:

Indeed, the 2013 poll shows that  Israel is the fourth least popular country in the world, trailing only Iran, Pakistan and North Korea:

Iran is once again the most negatively viewed country, with negative ratings climbing four points to 59%. Most people also give negative ratings to Pakistan (56%, up five points), North Korea (55%, up three points) and Israel (52%, up one point).

[Note: California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism]


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If you can stomach it . . .


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Any one of these supposed conspiracies ‘coincidences’ when taken singularly appear to not mean much, but if even half can be verified . . .


Obama just happened to know 60s far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers,

  • whose father just happened to be Thomas Ayers, who just happened to be a close friend of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis,
  • who just happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who just happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett,
  • who Obama just happened to choose as his closest White House advisor, and who just happened to have been CEO of Habitat Company, which just happened to manage public housing in Chicago,
  • which just happened to get millions of dollars from the Illinois state legislature, and which just happened not to properly maintain the housing—which eventually just happened to require demolition.

Valerie Jarrett also just happened to work for the City of Chicago, and

  • just happened to hire Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (later Michelle Obama), who just happened to have worked at the Sidley Austin law firm,
  • where former fugitive from the FBI Bernardine Dohrn also just happened to work, and where Barack Obama just happened to get a summer job.
  • Jarrett also just happened to follow Obama as a member of the board of the Joyce Foundation, where she served with Michael Brewer, who just happens to be married to Janet Brown,
  • who just happens to be executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which just happened to select four leftist members of the mainstream media to moderate the 2012 presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Bernardine Dohrn just happened to be married to William Ayers,


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Join me and say, “I do not condone this, I do not consent.” 


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UPDATE Nov. 7, 2012: I was right! . . . but wish I was wrong.

UPDATE Dec. 26, 2012: Barack Obama received more than 99 percent of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Ohio on election day. Ohio was a very important swing state in Obama’s election. Third world dictators don’t even get 99% of the vote. See the key Ohio precinct vote counts here. Lucky coincidence for Obama that he was so popular in those Ohio precincts.

A bold prediction about the outcome of the upcoming U.S. election:

I know, for sure, who is going to win.

The winner will be the candidate who is in favor of and supports:

  • Going to war with Iran
  • Continuation of bankster bailouts
  • Continuation of the ongoing legal corporate “donations” and lobbying that pays politicians to be total sellouts
  • Increasing the size of government–through more debt, regulation, entitlements, military spending, etc.
  • Restriction of liberties, erosion of the Bill of Rights, expansion of police powers, and the growth of Federal power over States Rights
  • Continued multi-trillion-dollar debt-based spending, putting the United States into a position of never-ending debt, and possibly economic collapse.

Which candidate is this, you ask?


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US economy grinding down, down, down . . .

50% less gasoline sold in US in 2012 (vs. 2007)

(Source: US Government EIA Data)


Three Ways the Rich and Powerful Have Cheated Young Americans


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