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NOTE: Unfortunately, a supposed “angelic” trance channeled entity ‘Kryon’ cited this article (August 1, 2015).

seperation 371514I do not consent to and I do not associate with Kryon in any way.  Kryon says one race is superior to all others: “Kryon’s message is that Jews are a special group amongst humans, “a pure karmic group”, the chosen people.” (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Carroll ) In other words, Kryon is a racist who attempts to divide us against each other.

Yikes! Sorry about that. I stand by the article below. Now, on to the article . . .


DNA Replication at a Distance–reported by Nobel scientist, likely building on research first published in 1992 by Russian scientists, Garaiev and Poponin

Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier

The joint winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier, is claiming that DNA can send ‘electromagnetic imprints’ of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. You can read the original paper here [PDF]. (Source)  Montagnier also filed for a U.S. patent on the technology of detecting phantom replica of DNA in water: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20110027774.pdf

The popular press and self-appointed blog experts, without bothering to investigate any further, have decided to misrepresent this important work as “teleportation” or “magic”. For example:

Characterizing Dr. Montagnier’s work as “teleportation” or “magic” is an obvious misrepresentation and creates ridiculous controversy. It appears to be intended to discredit Dr. Montagnier and his important work.

Read the rest of this blog post and decide for yourself if it is science or “magic”.

Inquiring minds might ask why recent work by a Nobel Scientist might need to be ridiculed?

Silly question.




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FEMA reported in appendix C of their report that a liquid eutectic had formed on WTC steel samples at some point, and destroyed their integrity by eating large holes through them. The liquid eutectic was found to consist primarily of molten iron and other substances. A large number of tiny particles of sulfur were able to eat into the steel and aid the intergranular melting that destroyed the steel, by opening up the grain boundaries to incoming molten iron & etc.

The explanation that internet “debunkers” cling to when defending the official story is that the eutectic mixture formed naturally from materials that could be theoretically traced back to the rubble piles, like drywall. Drywall has a lot of sulfur in it, but not in the form found on the steel samples analyzed by FEMA, so the contention then becomes (another theory on top of a theory to make up for a problem, you notice) that some additional reactions happened during the time in between to render the sulfur in its final state before reacting with the steel. I’ve seen no specific theories as to how this happened, just a lot of fuzziness in the theories, owing to no one actually bothering to test any of this.

Well that’s where this guy comes in. He’s putting it to the test. Well, he put it to the test.

You can see the results above. (Source)


Background information–view World Trade Center on 9/11:



Lies are designed to compromise your heart and weaken your will in service to something that has no power except what fear and lies provide it with. If you are not swayed by fear or deceived by lies then it has no power over you at all. It is why some can walk in this world seeing and the rest are wandering blind. When you cannot see, you cannot accurately interpret what is taking place around you. You have to rely of the reports of those claiming to see.

I realize how difficult it is to wake up to the fact that the whole world which you believed to be true is actually a lie. Even when you know this must be so, its sheer overwhelming presence is enough to make you doubt what you suspect to be true. But now your new best friend, The Apocalypse is exposing the lies… every day the influence of the media is being compromised by strange accidents that they can’t control. Every day politicians and religious leaders are being caught in scandals and that process is accelerating. (Source)


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Fount,  my father, contributed this today:

Re: Dr. Borlaug, Scientist and Humanitarian
I recall that in communication theory, the word “noise” refers to anything in the “system” (static, interference, etc.) that reduces the probability of the “message” being received. I guess that meaning of “noise” was what the recent article from Provda meant when it referred to the dumbing down of the American populous being partly the result of an education system that focuses on pop culture rather than on the classics. It is also what is meant by the pun, “weapons of mass destraction.”

But it goes way beyond that. For example, I read in some obscure corner somewhere this week about the death of one of my personal heroes, Norman Borlaug. WHO?????

Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1970

Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1970

Together, Fritz Huber (WHO???? – inventor of the synthetic nitrogen process) and Norman Borlaug (Father of the Green Revolution) made it possible (for better or for worse) for this planet to feed six time the number of people it had ever been able to feed before them. That is, five billion of the six billion (5 out of every 6) people on earth today, owe their very lives to the work of those two men. Their work has made far more of a “DIFFERENCE” than all the “Welfare” politics and “charitable” organizations the world has ever known put together.

Yet, according to my (unofficial) calculations, our “News” media gave approximately 10 (to the 7,492th power), times more coverage to the death (and life) of Michael Jackson than to that of Norman Borlaug. I don’t think I’ve ever met many people in “Franklin” who ever heard of Huber or Borlaug nor many who had not heard of Michael Jackson.

Was Michael Jackson’s contributions to the human race really THAT much more significant than that of Norman Borlaug? Now, THAT is   REAL “NOISE”  in the “system”, and one about which I do, “give a damned” (to completer the Rhett Butler quote).

As self centered American “CONSUMERS” (i.e. more than we produce and six times the world average), obsessed with the “NOISE” of our “weapons of mass detraction”  (entertainment), we might do well to stop and give some thought to the “message” in Norman Borlaug’s last public speech:

“Human misery is explosive, and you better not forget that!”


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