The NWO strategy in pictures (Source)

masonicartThe key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.


For people to embrace the New World Order, they have to see it as the SOLUTION to their problems, not the SOURCE of their problems. And in order to get folks to see the it that way, the globalists are having their Western minions create all kinds of mischief so their Eastern minions can step in and save everyone. So in…

Step 1: The globalists have released the Western hounds on everyone, and they are mauling us with theft, oppression and war.

Step 2: They’ve had their faux-truther / controlled-opposition press screaming to everyone that the hounds are coming after us so we’ll get scared and look for safety.

Step 3: They are having their BRICS minions step up and save us from the hounds. Welcome, saviors!

And with that, we end up in the NWO.

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California’s Mandatory Vaccine Bill SB 277 signed into law by Gov Jerry Brown


Jim Carrey calls Jerry Brown a ‘corporate fascist’ for signing California’s mandatory vaccine law . . .

Donald Trump Warns That Vaccines Can Cause Autism

Abortions are legal because it is your body and you are free to choose but . . . vaccines are government mandated injections into your blood stream–but, because it’s your body, you’re NOT free to choose?

Big Brother.

Free to do what we’re told?

California’s SB277 Mandetory Vaccines

The Truth About Mandatory Vaccine Legislation

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Dog Poet Transmitting……. (Source)

Or something.

Naked and afraid . . .

Naked and afraid . . .

The greater the force of Material Culture, the more the general mind is imprisoned in the turbulent soup of it. It’s not my place to pass judgment on whether that is the best place for it. My continuing observation is that it is probably not, for one cardinal and critical reason …and that is due to all of the lives and minds so engaged being of a temporary duration. It is the inescapable truth that those minds and lives and all that is attendant, must take their leave at some point and due to the consistent nature of attachment, it will not be a pleasant separating when it happens. If every reference point in the minds of those under consideration here is in Material Culture then… where does that leave one when they leave?

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Trans-Pacific Partnership – TPP <<< click here for more information about TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) document is classified. US Citizens can’t see it. Only members of Congress and staffers with security clearance can access it. And even they can’t make copies or carry their own handwritten notes out the door.(cnn.com)

If TPP is a reasonable proposal, why is the text of the proposed legislation being kept secret?

Bribes Campaign Donations maybe?

The terms of the TPP are so secret that drafts of the negotiations are to remain classified for four years or five years respectively, after the deals have been passed into law.

Please join me in saying aloud, “I do not consent to any laws being passed like this without full disclosure beforehand.” This is not the way legislation should work in America. . trans-pacific-partnershipThese politicians, really . . . .

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Yep . . .

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Click on this link to read the article:

Mindless masses do whatever they’re told, then invent empty logic to justify it


Yep . . .

Yep . . .

  • “A Republic, if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “Every country has the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre
  • “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” – Thomas Jesfferson



The US Education System

The success of a democracy requires level-headed citizens assessing the facts and making informed, logical decisions about the future of the nation. (Source)



The hit 2015 ISIS road show comes to Ramadi.

The 2015 ISIS road show in Ramadi . . . TV viewers worldwide can’t get enough, demand more!


The fact that the CIA was actively working to help the Libyan rebels topple Gaddafi was no secret, https://sg.news.yahoo.com/cia-sends-teams-libya-us-considers-rebel-aid-20110331-065759-284.html nor were the airstrikes that Obama ordered against the Libyan government. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/mar/29/world/la-fg-obama-libya-20110329

However, little was said about the identity or the ideological leanings of these Libyan rebels. Not surprising, considering the fact that the leader of the Libyan rebels later admitted that his fighters included Al-Qaeda linked jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8407047/Libyan-rebel-commander-admits-his-fighters-have-al-Qaeda-links.html

These jihadist militants from Iraq were part of what national security analysts commonly referred to as Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

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