Is it, “Light vs. Dark”?

. . . or, “Duality = Duplicity”?

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(Source: 16 signs that you’re a slave to the matrix )

  • You pay taxes to people you’d like to see locked up in jail. This is perhaps the biggest indicator that we are slaves to the matrix. The traditional notion of slavery conjures up images of people in shackles forced to work on plantations to support rich plantation owners. The modern day version of this is forced taxation, where our incomes are automatically docked before we ever see the money, regardless of whether or not we approve of how the money is spent.
  • You go to the doctor, but you’re still sick. Modern medical care, for all of it’s scientific progress, has sadly become sick care, where we are rarely advised to eat well and tend to our mental and physical health, but instead are routinely advised to consume expensive medications and procedures that are pushed by the for-profit healthcare matrix
  • You’ve picked Team Democrat or Team Republican and argue with your friends, family and co-workers about politics. This is what the control strategy of divide and conquer looks like in our society. Both of the major parties are corrupt through and through, and independent candidates are not even allowed to participate in public debates. By believing in one of these parties and burning your personal energy on arguing with other ordinary people you are turning over your soul the matrix, and doing your share in making sure that ‘we the people’ will never be united against corruption.

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VW: The Most Fuel Efficient Car in the World

(Source) Jim Stone, April 5 2014


You won’t find the 300 MPG Volkswagen XL1 in an American showroom, in fact it has even been denied a tour of America because it is too efficient for the American public to be made widely aware of, and oil profits are too high in America with the status quo in place. No tour has been allowed for this car because the myth that 50 mpg is virtually impossible to obtain from even a stripped down econobox is too profitable to let go of, and when it comes to corporate oil profits, ignorance is bliss.

Though the XL1 can be plugged in to deliver a 40 mile all electric drive, it does not need to be plugged in EVER to achieve 300 mpg. And it does not cheat in any way to achieve the rating, it weighs over 1,700 pounds, has normal tires, and delivers a very good driving experience with a governed top speed of 99 mph. The XL1 could reach a top speed in excess of 110 mph absent governor and turns in a 0-60 time of 11.5 seconds which is by no means leisurly for a car designed for efficiency. The XL1 in no way cheats on performance to hit it’s rating. It is simply the car we should have always had, and have had taken from us in the name of oil profits.

Though the XL1 can hit 300 mpg under ideal driving conditions, it’s combined mileage is usually a little over 200 mpg, and if you do city driving only that will drop to a minimum of 180 mpg under the worst driving conditions. But I’d be happy with that no doubt.

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Great! But, is QEG a scam, or does it work? . . .

Lol! Maybe in a few years MIT research will tell us:  

Why does MIT do QEG research?

MIT is doing QEG research?

What is a QEG?

The 1st prototype QEG core.

The 1st QEG prototype.

The QEG (Quantum Electric Generator) is an “over unity” resonator–it puts out more electric energy than it takes to start it.

The ‘quantum’ part of the design has to do with how the generator is started. The QEG exciter coil is external to the generator, and the excitation signal is conducted through the quantum field (zero point) into the generator core, to start oscillation. Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself (is self-running).

QEG inventor, James Robitaille

QEG inventor, James Robitaille

Open source QEG plans have recently been posted online. In the first 24 hours 20,000 people downloaded them. You can too, for free, here: Open Source Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) plans. [Updated User Manuals may be posted: here.]


The QEG prototype (above) looks homemade, doesn’t it?


Remember the 1st Apple computer prototype . . .  

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Source: Jim Stone,  http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/sanjoaquin.html


THE END of the California orange


The following photos are absolute proof they drained the dams on purpose, causing severe flooding and NEVER gave california growers a SINGLE DROP for the sole purpose of killing all the orange orchards, grape vineyards and almond groves. It is important to note that with any war effort waged by the usurpers of a conquored government, that fake documentation will be produced by the government to support the lie. That is when you have to use photos to prove that the documents, which show a drought and reduced out flows, are fake.

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Why the Coup in Ukraine?


Saving or exploiting Ukraine?

There was a coup in Ukraine, but why?

It seems the coup in Ukraine was related to gas (Article 1) and Central Bank corruption (Article 2):

  • Russia was NOT getting paid what they were owed by Ukraine for natural gas. Ukraine’s prior leaders didn’t want to pay for at least two billion dollars worth of gas they stole from pipeline trans-shipments “intended for the EU” but supposedly “used in Ukraine.” Russia has been unsuccessfully pursuing payment for several years. (More here.) It’s reasonable to assume that Ukraine’s leaders continued to steal gas. If only “somehow” Ukraine’s leaders could be replaced by more agreeable leaders, maybe then Russia could collect payments owed (and maybe less Russian gas would be stolen).
  • Ukraine’s prior leaders threatened to NOT renew Russia’s lease of its Black Sea naval base (located in Ukraine) if Russia continued to demand full payment for the gas they had stolen. (More here.) Tsk, tsk. If only “somehow” Ukraine’s leaders could be replaced by more agreeable leaders, maybe then it might be easier for Russia to keep it’s naval base on the Black Sea.
  • Russian gas supplies routed through Ukraine to Europe were disrupted, which is unacceptable to the European Union. In its attempts to get paid by Ukraine, Russia “temporarily” in 2009 cut back the amount of gas routed to Europe through Ukraine’s pipelines. As a result gas supplies to Europe were disrupted and gas prices in the EU shot up. This was outrage to the EU. They complained to Ukraine and Russia. Russia said they just wanted to get paid but Russia agreed to resume gas trans-shipments, but at a reduced level, until they got paid. (More here.) EU leaders were frightened that Ukraine’s leaders wouldn’t ever pay Russia and that there would never be a reliable supply of Russian gas available to Europe. If only “somehow” Ukraine’s leaders could be replaced by more agreeable leaders, maybe then Russia could be paid and Russia could turn EU’s full gas supply back on.
  • Top managers of Ukraine’s Central Bank were stealing from the Central Bank, which endlessly annoyed the Central Bank’s owners. (Article 3) Although there were demands to replace the Ukraine’s Central Bank’s top management, it wasn’t getting done. Owners of Central Banks don’t like it when the “help” start stealing from them. Perhaps these owners came to the conclusion that Ukraine’s prior leaders had to go in order to replace Ukraine’s Central Bank management?

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Geoengineering of the atmosphere

Geoengineering of the atmosphere


There’s solid evidence that the earth’s atmosphere is being geoengineered.

See also: Strange Satellite Images–evidence of HAARP in action?

Check out the 50+ links below . . .

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